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Kiwi Random Wallpaper 2.0

You can change your wallpapers regularly using a vast wallpaper database
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Kiwi Random Wallpaper is an application which helps you change the wallpaper on your desktop.
You should know from the very beginning that an Internet connection is needed for using this program. The tool comes with 12 wallpaper categories hosted on a server. The categories and subcategories can be viewed at any moment. The collection is really huge and its number count is updated each time you start the application. What’s more, you can save the wallpapers in JPEG, BMP and PNG formats. The search function is really helpful, for instance if you want to search for the name of a movie or a band.

What's more, the program provides some advanced settings, such as the option to change the wallpaper automatically after a given period of time. You can select the pictures within categories to be brought randomly to your desktop. You can customize the image in case it doesn’t match with your monitor resolution. Moreover, you may set the program to launch automatically when opening the computer. In case you encounter problems related to the settings, the app provides a smart Help file containing explanations to each option.

The program is good, but it matters a lot to have a good Internet connection, especially when you want to view the pictures. However, previewing the images can be done with some difficulty, mostly because you don’t have the possibility to return to the previously seen ones. Regarding the wallpapers, they come with a high resolution and good quality. Despite of some small drawbacks, I would recommend you this program, mainly because it is free and easy to use.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Huge collection of images
  • Easy-to-use
  • Search function provided
  • High resolution and good quality of wallpapers


  • It is impossible to return to the previously seen images
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